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This guy had this cute and willing girl all folded in half and was fucking her hard. When he pulled out he went to shoot his load on her face. Well, the first spurt of cum went right up her nose! I bet she was not expecting that.

Here are some screen grabs of the amateur cumshots video they had fun making.

[photos to graphic to show here.]

Seeing a real girl instead of a plastic porn star is so refreshing. Thiscute brunette let the guys she was playing with at a swing party give her a true amateur facial. Once she got use to it, she really started to get in to it. She was smiling at the end and liking her lips. Ahhhh I love this type of girl.

Here are some pics of her amateur facials adventure.

[Photos to graphic to show here]

You should see the video. It is one of the better amateur homemade porns I have seen.

This dirty blonde gave some really great blowjobs to several well hung guys. She then let them cum all over her face and let the massive loads of cum drip down her body. She had so much cum on her face her mascara started running.

Here she is showing off her ass for the guys.

Now here is a pic after the blowjob cumshots.

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This hot and sexy brunette always wanted to take on a group of well hung guys all at one time. Well she finally got her chance and fucked and sucked all the guys. Here is a pic of her getting ready for the gangbang.

Now her she is after they started shooting their big cumshots all over her face and body. I don’t think she expected that much cum.

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Cute Blonde Gets A Massive Facial Cumshot

I don’t think this cute blonde knew what she was getting into when she started having sex with these two well hung guys. They almost drowned her when they blew their loads all over her face.

Here is a pic of her talking to one of the guys that invited her over.


Now here is a pic once they covered her face in cum. Can you say massive facial cumshot?


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